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  • Corolla Lite

    Corolla Lite

    The year is 1584 and Sir Walter Raleigh is leading an expedition along what is now called the Scuppernong River. There he discovers muscadine grapes. Jump ahead to 2002, and Jack Bishop, a builder and developer on the Outer Banks decides to purchase 300 acres of land on the Scuppernong …Read More »
  • Southern Magnolia

    Southern Magnolia

    While driving from Asheville, NC, on a beautiful, clear fall day, I decided to stop at a winery I had noted from the North Carolina Winery Guide,, (877)-3NC-Wine. To get there, I took Exit 100 off I-40 and drove two and a half miles to the town of Glen …Read More »
  • Music Samples

    Music Samples

    Here are some music samples for your listening enjoyment of Gregory Dixon's beautiful piano arrangements!Read More »