-Description: Keyboard accompanist for soloists, choruses, instrumentalists, etc.

Starting at $75/hr.

-determined on an individual basis

Original Music

-Description: Keyboard compositions for Advertisements, Jingles, Theme Songs, etc.

Pricing determined on an individual basis.

Special Events

-Description: Seasonal Parties, Wedding Receptions, Anniversary Celebrations, Birthday Parties (i.e. dinner music, dance music, sing alongs, etc. tailored made to meet your musical taste and atmosphere objectives)

Pricing includes consultation meeting if needed.
-$100 for the first hour
-$75 for each additional hour



Consultation to discuss music selections and vocalist selections included.
-Wedding: $225
-Rehearsal: $75
-Additional rehearsals with vocalist and/or instrumentalist, outside of wedding rehearsal: $50


-Mileage: No charge for first 35-miles, $.33 for each additional mile
-Speakers: No charge
-Microphone: No charge
-Keyboard & Amplification: $50